Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I have gall bladder cancer, and was diagnosed more than a year ago and told I had about six months. I researched this rare disease on the internet, and learned that I should have died about three months ago. I didn't!
I am an actuary, a mathematician that usually works with insurance statistics. The life expectancy statistics I found were not encouraging, but were a lot more than the statistics relating to treatment. Few studies have been completed on the effectiveness of surgery, radiation, chemo, diet, prayer, or any other type of treatment for gall bladder cancer.
I hope to change that. I have developed a survey form that collects a lot of information which I then summarize in a large spreadsheet. I only have a few people in my data base, but hope to reach many others who can provide actual treatment history to help educate both us patients and our physicians.
If you have gall bladder cancer, or want to share the experience of another, please write me at gallbladdercancer@cox.net or woodyb@cox.net and I will send you the survey form, and share with you the results as I accumulate them.
Woody Beckman

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